Vision & Mission Statement


To provide young people, regardless of social or economic disadvantage, opportunities to explore their creative voices through the arts, media, photography, and the power of speaking their own truths; thereby empowering them to find inclusion socially, educationally and economically; and enable them to grow to enrich our communities, realize their full potentials, and participate in our emerging idea based economy.


The Mission of a Little Creative Class is to foster a community of disadvantaged youth who live throughout New York State by engaging in shared experiences of creative arts and culture. This growing coalition will overcome obstacles by building bridges between the world of ideas and creativity and peers to whom innovative opportunities are not otherwise available. Expanded horizons of possibility provide the foundation of hope and confidence necessary for our young people to inform and advance the inventive and entrepreneurial landscape of contemporary culture.

To support our mission, we engage in practical strategies to nurture and strengthen these creative explorations. Through scrapbooking storytelling workshops held throughout the state we engage and mobilize youths and their communities by providing an innovative educational media arts platform upon which to build creative voices. For those who aspire to continue to develop that voice, we provide immersive creative youth residencies in the arts, media, history and culture of the thriving urban environment of greater New York City. These strategies form the foundation of empowerment that is essential to enable disadvantaged youth to build a stronger social and economic future.